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ClueCon Bucket List.

By: Abbi Minessale Category: Uncategorized Posted: June 29, 2017


One of the best ways to stay updated on the ins and outs of the fast moving tech world is to attend conferences. It’s a great way to get to know other professionals in the industry, brainstorm with peers, and learn new things. Unfortunately, conferences can sometimes be a intimidating, boring, or didactic. Luckily ClueCon developers conference is for developers by developers, which means their main goal is to meet the needs of the tech community. The result is a perfect blend of fun networking opportunities, a conversational atmosphere, and interesting and relevant information. To make the most of ClueCon this year, try to hit everything on my checklist!


  • Coder Games
    • The coder games is ClueCon’s annual Hack-A-Thon. Every year they have great prizes to give away, rumor has it this year they have a 3d printer, an arcade machine, and some drones…
    • FreeCycled Hacks
      • This Coder Game event asks attendees to build their own machine using everyday materials.
    • Sponsor Challenge
      • ClueCon’s sponsors have each created their own challenges for attendees to solve.
    • CodeFights
      • Use your programming skills to solve challenges and games.
    • Raspberry Pi Makers
      • Solve a problem using a raspberry PI.
  • Keynote Speaker
    • Anthony Minessale, the founder of FreeSWITCH Solutions and ClueCon Developers conference, gives the Keynote talk every year. He is a leader in the industry and always has exciting information to share.
  • Other Talks
    • Every year ClueCon hand selects people to speak at their conference, so the talks are guaranteed to be relevant and interesting.
  • Google Persons talk
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  • Pizza Party
    • ClueCon and Flowroute hold their famous, family dinner pizza party every year. This year it will be at Giordano’s which has amazing Chicago style pizza!
  • Meet n’ Greet
    • The Meet n’ Greet takes place after the pizza party this year at the Swissotel! There will be plenty of drinks and games, many attendees bring their guitars and other instruments and jam out, and my favorite: ClueCon Karaoke in the conference room.
  • Bowling Party with Billiards
    • A night of drinks, music, and bowling…what could be better?
  • Sunset Boat Cruise
    • This activity is a must, especially if you’ve never been to Chicago. The city is right on lake Michigan and has beautiful architecture, so this item is highly recommended.
  • Telnyx Party.
    • Telnyx knows how to throw a party. There are going to be busses to their office in Chicago where they will provide everyone with drinks, food, and plenty of entertainment! Last year they had a live band and a room with Mario Kart…so much fun!
  • FreeSWITCH and OpenSIPS training
    • They both take place at the same time, so you can only attend one, but these training sessions are a great way to get more hands on and direct information about FreeSWITCH and Open SIPS.
  • Secret Parties…
    • Some Clubies might not know this (welcome to the family by the way!), but every year ClueCon has spontaneous and secret parties going on. When you work hard, you gotta play hard, which means kickbacks in the Swissotel conference lobby, a chill night of board games, or a night of bar hopping. Make sure you follow @cluecon on twitter because that is how to be in the know of where the party is at.


I’ve attended ClueCon for six years so I’ve mastered the ins and outs of everything there is to do at ClueCon. If you follow everything on this list, you are definitely going to have a great time!

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